Malones Irish-Made Household Cleaning Products

Here are some óf our most popular chemical-free kitchen, bathroom and household product ranges...we have included a summary below and where possible a link to the manufacturer's website for further details

Irish madeMalones of Dublin - which includes natural eco-friendly cleaners

Concentrated Floor Cleaner - 500ml

ma floor conc-s1

Lavender Floor Spray

ma lav floor spray mop-s

Natural Window Cleaner

ma glass-s

 Natural Anti-Bacterial All-Surface Cleaner 500ml

ma antibac-s

Natural Tile Cleaner

ma tile-s

 Lavender Lavender Wax Polish

ma lav-wax-s


Heavy-duty Beeswax Wood Polish

ma bee-wax-s

Leather Care Spray

ma leather-spray-s



Bentley Organics chemical free cleaners - kitchen & surface cleaner, shower & bath cleaner, and window & glass cleaner.  All come in 500ml containers .... these products kill up to 99% of all germs...

BE window-glass-cleaner-2015BA kitchen-surface-cleaner-2015BA shower-bathroom-cleaner-2015            













Redecker Copper Pot Scrubbers:


 - woven copper fiber;


 - doesn't rust;


 - comes in pack of 2.




 We also evaluate many other product ranges in order to select those that we hope you will enjoy.  Please contact us at [email protected] to request our wholesale pricelist ....