Pierre D'Argent natural cleaner

Pierre D'Argent multi-purpose cleaner

Pierre D'Argent is an all-purpose bathroom and metal cleaner.  It is a natural clay based product from France that cleans, polishes and protects a range of household items and surfaces.  It cleans off stains, leaves a protective coating without dulling surfaces and has a pleasant lemon fragrance.

This cleaner is made with a very fine non-abrasive clay that is mined in the Alsace region of France and has a multitude of uses including:

 - sinks showers and baths;  glass tops on a stove;  microwave glass and inside the microwave

 - stainless steel;  silver, brass and copper;  glass and metal on wood-burning stoves;   shower doors

 - cleaning stains off floor tiles; BBQ grills;  outdoor garden furniture

 - stains on leather goods;  rubber stains on running / training shoes

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